I have a Tumblr! and other news


Hi! These last couple of months I’ve been focusing on writing on my Romance book haha – it’s going great – here and there I’ve also had time to doodle but most of my time is focused on the baby and my book right now. I can’t wait until July – then my husband will be home with the baby so I can do some work. My fingers are itching for painting and drawing. I have a bizillion comic ideas which is kind of exciting too since I’ll be sharing studio space for a bit with talented cartoonist genious woman Naomi Nowak creator of House of Clay – one of my favourite comics of all time.

Coming up this Spring is a tutorial by me on how I create my ink/digital pieces in Photoshop Projects Magazine Australia. I’ll also be featured in an e-book coming out in China. Once I have the link so I can take some screenshots I’ll update with more info later. Ok enough chitchat – Be good!

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