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A lovely piece written about my mini solo-show at Hellion Gallery is now up on Curvy’s website! I was so happy to read it, I always feel half embarassed (because it’s so sweet and almost too good to be true when people compliment on one’s work, no?) but also the less humble “MUAAHHAHAHAHAAA let’s take over the world-feeling” came up haha

Read the article at Curvy here!

I just realised I only work about 2 weeks longer – then I’m taking a nice long vacation before Muppit decides to come out to play (We call our baby Muppit because… well we think she might look like a pink fluffy muppit floating about inside my belly). I hope during this time I’ll have some time to doodle a bit for myself, and relax and unwind. So perhaps I’ll disappear from the internet for a while – OR it will be the opposite – I’ll have plenty of time to doodle and write in my blog hee hee.. I kind of hope the latter, but it all depends on how I feel and how sleepy I will be. I love sleeping. ♥

I broke the cord to my back up thingy so now I can’t access my comic “Ghostly Melody”. Crap. I kind of had a plan I could continue working on that a bit during my vacation. Maybe I find a new cord soon.

Sun is shining, that means it’s really REALLY hard to stay indoors in front of the computer. Also, as you might have noticed, my scatterbrain has already left the building. I’m over and out. Beam me up Scotty, if you can. I’m getting heavy.


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