Pretty Shameful

The roll containing my artwork is sent to Portland – Yay!

I took some sneak previews of the artwork using my cellphone and Instagram.

So we named the mini solo-show at Hellion Gallery “Pretty Shameful”, because it’s based on the topic shame, and being different. Sometimes we can be shameful in a way that is a la mode — something that is more constructed and fantasized about. The harder pieces of shame to digest can be the parts that we are born with. But I think we all have it. And so I wanted to create an artshow that showcase some different pieces around that topic – but painted with love and warmth. We aren’t perfect, we shouldn’t strive to be perfect. (Of course, I’d love to add that we can always try to be the best person we can be — but since my artshow is dipping it’s toes into the darkest of ink pools I’m trying not to be too bright writing about it haha)

Anyway– if you are in the Portland area on May 3’d feel free to pop by and check it out!

Love love


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