Hellion Gallery artshow

“In League” group show is now showing at Hellion Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Curator is Matt Wagner. I’m proud to say my work is in this wonderful show that’s all about collaborating with other artists. I’ll show two paintings, one where I collaborate with the talented fairydust coated Naomi Nowak, and one where I get to collab with the sweet and dark Junker Jane. If you are in the Portland area, feel free to stop by, it will be a treat!
Here’s Matt’s philosophy, quoted from the Hellion Gallery website;

“The English definition of hellion is a troublemaker, but we think that sometimes you need to make trouble in order to advance. The Japanese have a similar idea, illustrated in the quote “tall trees catch much wind”. If you cause trouble or stand out, you will get knocked down or criticized. These are the artists I like and the art I am in search of. My goal is simple. Seek out undiscovered artists from around the world and let everyone know about them. Bring the artist and the art lover together. Allow the artist to grow and enjoy the rewards. I was previously the curator at Moshi Moshi gallery in Portland, Oregon before becoming the curator at Compound Gallery. These positions have allowed me the opportunity to discover a variety of amazing international artists.

Thanks for visiting
Matt Wagner

Hellion -ヘリオン-“はトラブルメーカーという意味です。成長するためには、人はときにトラブルを起こさないといけない。日本語にもこれに似た言葉があります。“高木は風に憎まる(出る杭は打たれる)”もし、トラブルを起こしたら、もし目立ったら、突き倒されたり、批判されたりするでしょう。そんなアーティストがぼくは好きで、そんな作品こそが僕が探し求めているものです。ゴールはシンプルです。埋もれているアーティストを世界中から見つけ出し、世に知らせること。アーティストとアートが好きな人を結ぶこと。アーティストに成長してもらい、やりがいを感じてもらうこと。僕はコンパウンドギャラリーの前はMoshi Moshiギャラリーで働いていました。そこで世界中からのいろんなアーティストたちをたくさん見つけることができました。


— This spring I’ll also do a humble soloshow at Hellion Gallery. The artwork will be about A3 size and follow a theme I’ve been having an itch to create for quite some time now… Can you guess? I might have mentioned it before. ;) I won’t be able to make it there personally due to my pregnancy – but I’m pretty sure Matt will make sure there are many interesting and lovely people there – and of course I’ll make sure the art is worth stopping by for too, hee hee!

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