I can haz STUFF

Okay, so I have been splashing out a little today – I got myself a nerdy scarf, nerdy new tights, a nerdy shirt — and SUPER nerdy cyber sami shoes – all comfortable and cosy! ♥ and most of it in brick red/brown colors (that will probably make me look green or even paler but I care not!!)

Why the shopping this sunny cool Sunday? No why am I asking why – of course I can – I’ve been feeling a bit sick latley, as one can do when one is pregnant, although I’m soon 5 months pregnant and most people say “Oh you should be passed that sick-stage now” …well. I’m not apparently. So I had a long nice walk with Patrik and we had some food and did some shopping, and then had more food… as much as I can squeeze down – and now I’m looking forward to drawing – because *drumroll* I’m not that tired! And I haven’t been drawing for myself to save my life lately – but I shouldn’t whine because I love when I have a lot to do – that means IM IN DEMAND BABEH!! -PEOPLE WANT ME AND I’M NOT AT ALL ADDICTED TO THE LOVE AND ATTENTION!!……… ahem! Well why not enjoy it while it lasts eh? ;D Same things with your current weight, age and outift – enjoy it – you never know where you will be in a year or two. Except the age-bit, that one you can figure out as long as you don’t have non existing math skills. So anyway, don’t worry be happy is my motto today! And now I’ll have my bizillionth glass of water for today. Adieu! Will update my website with the drawings as soon as I can ♥

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