Sneak preview of my home

So for those of you who follow me on facebook it will be no news – you have heard me going on and on about how I’m unpacking and unpacking after moving from a big appartment just outside the city of Stockholm – TO a smaller appartment SMACK in the middle of the city!!
Me and Patrik love it – but it’s taken us soo long to unpack – HOWEVER *drumroll* – we’re done!! And I have some pictures to show you guys! Enjoy a peek into my everyday life!

It’s hard for me to live without my little shrine of precious things to me – such as the wooden bunnies I found at Yasuragi Spa when I was there with my mother and couldn’t relax but was thinking about Patrik all the time. Or the mushroom dotted Friends-With-You plastic toy that my lovely inspiring friend Liz bought for me when I was visiting her in San Francisco (they where wrapped up in boxes and we didn’t know which one we would get – turns out I got a really rare one!!). Or the cute greeting kitty cat holding the glass ball that Vincent – my dear Hong Kong friend brought with him upon visiting me back in 2000. We had such a cold winter but he was a trooper! And that rooster is a little bit crazy I must admit, it’s not really kawaii och kitch, but it’s the last thing my grandmother gave me before she died so of course, I cherish it until I die!

I have new legwarmers and will make myself a cup of herbal tea and go draw on my bed now. I sleep less and less but I really want to enjoy every second of this vacation I’m having, which is now running out on me. Wish I had more time to draw. And watch the moon. And drink tea. And coffee. And breathe. But hey. Life is good, and it’s my job to tweak it further to the better ;)

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  1. Oh wow, contgratulations to the new apartment!

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