Silvernail Tuesday

I want to tell you about this Silvernail Tuesday. It began with an almost uncomfortable morning — Coffee, and then the ghostly stress whispering in my ear that my vacation will soon be over for this time. I didn’t have time to paint. I didn’t finish that one project I wanted to finish yet. I didn’t storyboard that book I’m working on.
Sort of saved by the bell – Alma and Lina rang me and we had lunch, OH I love vacation but OH I miss my creative girls and our crazy babble! Then after our lunch I followed them so far I could without letting work seep into my soul (upon seeing the building where I work I had to excuse myself), and I hurried home back to my vacation bubble! I found a nailpolish which is uber metallic and painted it very lightly onto my nails and felt a little bit better. Now Kula Shaker is booming out of my speakers and I’m off to light an incense-stick (Nag Champa) as proof I don’t have to get up early and work tomorrow. I might carry the last boxes to the storage room but that’s it. And then I can blog about it. And you – you can enjoy these doodles for now. Yay! They are old. No! But I will draw more! Yay again!

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