My ink story

Hello! Did you notice? I’ve updated my website, changed it completely around. Ok so it’s not flashy in that sense it has big banners and such, but I like this more right now. It’s easier to navigate around now I hope + I’m adding this blog where I can upload my doodles and what-not’s.

I work with ink. A lot. It completes me in a sense, with it’s alluring unpredictable ways – always keeping me in suspense until the painting is dry. I used to hate ink because of this, because I needed to be able to control SOMETHING, sometimes. What I didn’t know back then is that it’s kind of neat to stick to your true element. If I like nature’s chaotic structure I feel more relaxed once I’m in that state of mind. And working with things that require 100% control might not be my cup of tea. Or cup of coffee – I drink a lot of coffee for those of you who don’t follow me on facebook <3 Feel free to add, I also have a fan page but I have to admit I tend to forget to update it, I apologize for this.

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